Cultural Geography

Chapter 11 - Key Issue 3 - Why Do Industries Face Resource Challenges / also Lecture


Energy Supply - Big 3: Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas (Proven Reserves)

What countries are the leaders for coal production?

What three (3) top countries are the leaders for petroleum production?

What major energy resouce is associated with home heating (and electricity production in California)?

What are "unconventional" resouces of energy?

In large part due to hydraulic fracturing, the United States has now a relatively large proven reserve of what major energy resource?

Energy Demand:

What fuel source do LDC use?

How much oil does the US import (as a percentage)?

Which countries use the most energy?

What is the rate we run out of oil? By running out of oil, I mean that it will becomes extremely limited, precious and expensive.
- While the book's figures & charts change - let's stick with 40 to 50 years as discussed in lecture.

According to our films and lecture, what is the main challenge to developing new alternative energy sources? Hint: It is just one word...

Other Forms of Energy:

The USA has 10x the fuel reserves of Saudi Arabia, but in what form?

Answer: As discussed in class, the answer is "Shale Oil" (which is not in book anymore).


Tell me about nuclear power and it's biggest limitations.

Tell me about nuclear fusion and it's limitations.

Tell me about solar and the two (2) types of set-ups.

What is point-source versus non-point source pollution? Which one is the biggest challenge to improve?


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