Geography 85 – Applications of GeoSpatial Technologies


For 3 weeks we meet via Sierra College's online portal called Canvas.

We focus on case studies in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Case studies are simply real-world appications of this technology for what problem you are trying to solve. I have lectures on a local watershed. You will find your case studies on-line by researching.

- All materials such as Syllabus, Schedule, Outline of Units and Readings are found on this webpage (see below).

- All assignments, such as Assignment 1 - GIS Terms, are found on Canvas.

- All assignments are completed via Discussions except the first (1st) one. Assignment 1 - GIS Terms is submitted via email.

- So click below on Syllabus, Schedule, Outline of Units, and then go "Readings" for the Unit 1 - Orientation.

- Here is the video to my video YouTube playlist

- Here is the video link to Penn State's GeoSpatial Revolution





Schedule (pdf file)

Outline of Units


All Assignments - found on Sierra College Canvas

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