Geography 85 – Applications of GeoSpatial Technologies


For 3 weeks we meet via Sierra College's online portal called Canvas.

We focus on case studies in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).

- All materials such as Syllabus, Schedule, Outline of Units and Readings are found on here.

- All assignments are found on Canvas. Most assignments are completed via Discussions. In fact, only Assignment 1 - GIS Terms is submitted via email. All other instructions and assignments are posted via the DB.

- Finally, if there is one "golden rule" for all online classes, is to "stay on top of it."




Schedule (pdf file)

Outline of Units


All Assignments - found on Canvas

Web Links

> You will be introduced to all sorts of new terms, concepts and technologies.

The intent here is to be familiar with the world of GIS and cutting edge GeoSpatial technologies.



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