Geography 85
Applications on GIS and Related Technology


Lecture 1 - Quick Orientation


Welcome again.  Here is some words of wisdom for being successful in this class.

-  Get a binder.  Then print all of this information, including the orientation, syllabus , schedule, lectures and assignments.  It’s much easier to read and organize this way.

-  Explore the “Canvas” website for a minute and visit the GIS Web site listed on External links.

-  Communicate with each other via the Discussions or Discussion Board (DB).  Note this is the “Discussion” tab on left of Canvas, but I’ll still refer to it as the Discussion Board or DB for short.  Your first assignment will be to introduce yourself to others.

-  Get in a routine of visiting the Canvas daily.  I'll probably post an announcement daily.  Do the research at a certain time of the day, then complete the assignment right away.  Again, get in a routine.

-  Don’t be afraid to check the DB if you are lost.  Because I reply to many folks, my reply will be short, but I'll get back to you.



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