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Weekly Workflow -- from beginning of week to end of week:


By the beginning of the week, please read the textbook and view the lecture notes online OR the course packet - they are more or less the same. This is so you can focus on what's important to read. You also have audio podcast (the class lectures) to hear after reading the textbook.

audio By the beginning of the week, please be sure to listen to the audio podcasts while at the same time taking notes on the course packet. The audio podcasts follow the printed course packet (which is pretty much identical to the lecture notes that are online.) In short, while listening to the podcast you need to follow the outlines.
video By the middle of the week be sure to watch the relevant videos related to the chapter. Make sure to click on playlist under Sierra Explorer at YouTube to find them in correct order. While I do my best, these are not a complete set of lectures, but rather an augmentation of lectures.
db Please participate in the student discussion related to end-of-chapter study questions. The sooner you get there, the more likely you will find a unique topic. Just as important, the DB is where you ask others about key concepts and difficult subjects, helping each other out via peer-to-peer learning.
quiz After all the work is finished related to reading, listening, watching and writing, you are ready for the chapter quiz or assignment. These are timed and closed-notes / book / Internet.

Here is the same graphic of the weekly routine as a pdf file if interested in printing and putting in your course binder.


Physical Geography