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California Geography

Units : 3       Transfer : CSU/UC
Hours Per Week : 3 lecture

An introduction to California's diversified geography including climate, land forms, natural vegetation, water resources, the cultural landscapes of ethnic diversity, our Native American past, urban and agricultural regions, and the economic challenges of the future.  Emphasis on cultural diversity, human alteration of the landscape, contemporary problems and resource competition. (GEOG 3)

Course Student Learning Outcomes - GEOG 0003 - Geography of California

CSLO 1 - Identify California's major landforms and distribution.

CSLO 2 - Assess California's varied water projects, their distribution, their ownership, the history, challenges and solutions based on land-use such as urban or agricultural.

CSLO 3 - Locate California's climatic regions and analyze fundamental characteristics, such as temperature and rainfall, and their causes.

CSLO 4 - Examine California's agricultural regions, top crop production, their farming or ranching practices, and economic and environmental challenges.

CSLO 5 - Describe immigration to California based on an era, such as gold mining days or subsequent farming days, which ethnic group, where they moved, what they primarily did and challenges they faced.

CLSO 6 - Evaluate current or proposed urban growth plans through the State and their impacts to the environment.








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