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Weather and Climate

Units : 3       Transfer : CSU/UC
Hours Per Week : 3 lecture

The elements and controls of weather and climate - atmospheric heating, the heat budget, air circulation and winds, moisture, clouds, and precipitation; world climates, their elements and classifications; climate variations and changes. (GEOG 4)

Course Student Learning Outcomes - GEOG 0004 - Weather and Climate

CSLO 1 - Analyze the interrelationship between earth and sun as they affect incoming solar radiation (Insolation).

CSLO 2 - Describe local weather phenomena including radiation, heat, temperature, pressure, and wind using data and qualitative means.

CSLO 3 - Investigate base-line data for CO2 trapped in ice core samples compared to CO2 levels found today, for example on the big island of Hawaii where studies have sampled air for over 50 years.

CSLO 4 - Discuss the different air masses and their source location and their impact on weather.

CSLO 5 - Examine different front types and their evolving stages while also hypothesizing on their effect on weather and climate change.








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