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Applications of GeoSpatial Technology

Units : 1       Transfer : CSU/UC
Hours Per Week : 6 (for 3 weeks)

GIS case studies and related technology used in government and industry; emphasis on natural resource management, watershed analysis, remote sensing and aerial photo interpretation. Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and principles of cartography. Hands-on experience using introductory GIS and GPS technology. (GEOG 85)

Course Student Learning Outcomes - Geography - GEOG 0085

CSLO 1 - Research GIS case studies for any industry of choice, with focus on application to solve real-world problems.

CSLO 2 - Distinguish between base map features and thematic map features for a particular application, such as watershed mapping.

CSLO 3 - Compare and contrast different remote sensing products and applications, discussing advantages and disadvantages.

CSLO 4 - Identify key elements of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) including aspects of proper set-up, positional accuracy, corrections methods, and output to mapping software.





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