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Advanced GIS

Units : 3       Transfer : CSU/UC
Hours Per Week :3

Builds upon Intermediate GIS with a focus on advanced technical skills and mapping, such as completing a research project and building a map portfolio. Working with spatial datrabases, GIS modes, extensions, vector and raster analysis, cartographic presentation and large-format output are examined. (GEOG 93)

Course Student Learning Outcomes - Geography - GEOG 0093

CSLO 1 - Design GIS model for research project, while investigating other models used in the subfield, such as watershed analysis or urban planning.

CSLO 2 - Draft a flowchart of necessary layers and other data needed for project.

CSLO 3 - Organize data for future queries and analysis determined by
project goals and problems solving (objectives) .

CSLO 4 - Assess appropriate "geovisualization" tools to illustrate highly detailed terrain related problems or requirements, such as the use of LIDAR data (which is high resolution topographic rendering of landscapes)

CSLO 5 - Assemble a portfolio of well-organized, purposeful maps that solve real-world, spatial problems using industry standard methods and geographic layers.






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