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Historical Geography of Northern Californian Communities

Units : 1       Transfer : CSU/UC
Hours Per Week : 30 (12 lecture, 18 laboratory)

This field class explores the cultural and historical geography of Northern California communities.   Introduction to Northern California's diversified geography including physical landforms, economic diversity, settlement patterns and history of Northern California Communities.  May be taken four times for credit. (GEOG 12)

CSLO 1 Identify common characteristics of the historic communities in the area of study.

CSLO 2 Summarize major aspects of mining technologies as a part of California's early history.

CSLO 3 Map (Illustrate) towns of study and show their relationship to major rivers, landforms and transportation corridors.

CSLO 4 Write a field report that focuses on the communities, their various histories and their current economics.

CSLO 5 Describe geographic patterns of these early settlements.

CSLO 6 Using completed exercises, maps and field notes analyze the patterns of community locations.







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