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Below is a listing of current Geography class taught at Sierra College. For more information, please refer to the Sierra College Catalog. For general education requirements, also refer to the Sierra College Catalog "Transfer Courses". Campus courses are often supplemented with field trips and community research experiences, internships, work experience, community service programs.

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Physical Geography - Geog 1
Physical Geography Lab - Geog 1L
Cultural Geography - Geog 2
Geography of California - Geog 3
Weather & Climate - Geog 4
World Regional Geography - Geog 5
Urban Geography of San Francisco - Geog 11
Historical Geography of Northern Californian Communities - Geog 12
Field Geography of Yosemite & the Eastern Sierra - Geog 14
Field Geography of Northern California - Geog 15
Field Geography - Geog 16
Independent Study - Geog 28

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Skills Certificate Program

Applic. of GeoSpatial Technology (on-line) - Geog 85
Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for GIS - Geog 86
Intro. to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Geog 90
Introduction to ArcGIS - Geog 91A & 91B (GIS software class)
Intermediate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Geog 92
Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Geog 93
Geospatial Analysis - Geog 94
Internship in Geography - Geog 95

- Many courses are offered each semester. While others are offered less frequently.


For Geography Department Faculty only - Course Student Learning Outcomes (CSLOs)

Criteria for success with CSLOs

2/3rds get it
between 1/3 & 2/3rds get it
1/3rds get it


Steps for faculty to evaluate CSLOs

1) Look at the CSLO Schedule 2017 to see if you must report a CSLO

2) Determine your CSLO that you must evaluate

3) Gather CSLOs data during the semester to complete your Student Learning Assessment Summary (SLAS form).

4) Complete SLAS form (here is weblink to assessment forms).

- Sample SLAS (Physical Geography Fall 2015 - pdf file)

5) Complete online form (Google), used to aggregate all CSLOs.

6) Finally, at end of semester, submt all forms to Geography Department Chair person.


If interested, here is our - Department Assessment Analysis for 2016 (pdf).

If interested, here is our - Program Review for 2016 (pdf).

If interested - Other schools have assessment plans, such as Sacramento State University.