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Physical Geography Lab

Units :1      Transfer : CSU/UC
Hours Per Week : 3

The Earth, its position in space, and the intertwined processes that shape it.  The study of the relationships between and the spatial location of the various earth systems including the atmosphere, its weather and climate regions, the hydrosphere; oceans, clouds, rivers; the biosphere and the solid earth, its landforms and the forces that change them. (GEOG 1)

Course Student Learning Outcomes - GEOG 0001L Course Student Learning Outcomes - Geography 1L

CSLO 1 - Identify geographic grid systems on a topographic map

CSLO 2 - Analyze Earth motions and Eath-Sun relations and seasonal variation

CSLO 3 - Forecast basic weather conditions by applying gathered information such as barametric pressure, wind direction and speed, temperature, and cloud patterns

CSLO 4 - Maps and chart world climates using the Koppen climate systems. Analyze climate causes using location.

CSLO 5 - Identify and describe landforms using stereoscopes (and other relevant technology). Create landform models using clay or other media.









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