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Field Studies in Geography

Units : 1       Transfer : CSU/UC
Hours Per Week : varies

Four or six day field lecture courses to regions of geographic interest within the state of California to include physical, cultural, urban, and/or historical elements.   May be taken four times for credit. . (GEOG 16)

Course Student Learning Outcomes - GEOG 0016 - Field Geography

CSLO 1 - Identify common flora and fauna of the area.

CSLO 2 - Illustrate and explain major landforms of the area and their geologic causes.

CSLO 3 - Write a field report on an interpretive walk that focuses on one or two aspects of the area, such as ecosystems, fluvial processes, climate influences or even current issues that affect natural landscapes.

CSLO 4 - Summarize major historical events that help reveal how the past has shaped he present story of a place.

CSLO 5 - Describe geographic patterns of cultural and economic activities and analyze the causes.

CSLO 6 - Using exercises and surveys map locational patterns.






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