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Introduction to Geographic Info. Systems (GIS)

Units : 3       Transfer : CSU/UC
Hours Per Week :3

Interdisciplinary course to explore Geographic Information Systems (GIS) used for management, analysis, and communication of spatial data.   Explores how GIS can be used as a tool within diverse academic disciplines. (GEOG 90)

Course Student Learning Outcomes - Geography - GEOG 0090

CSLO 1 - Identify appropriate ways to map geographic features, whether using vector or raster.

CSLO 2 - Compare and contrast different geographic coordinate systems, map projections and datums used in GIS.

CSLO 3 - Evaluate effective map design based on cartographic principles and use of scale.

CSLO 4 - Convert and incorporate GPS data, CAD data, other databases or tables into the GIS using software techniques.

CSLO 5 - Develop metadata as part of data dictionary; explain attributes and value codes.






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